How to judge the quality of resin grinding wheel

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Resin grinding wheel is a porous material made by the press, drying and roasting, and the quality of it will have an important influence on the quality, productivity and economy. Resin grinding wheel quality how to judge it? We judge by examining the following three aspects.
1, see whether there is a crack in the inner wheel. With the hand wheel, with a wooden hammer tapping grinding wheel piece to listen to the voice, no crack wheel issued crisp sound, crack of the grinding wheel is hoarseness, it cannot be used.
2, look at the grade is correct, whether it is consistent with all the performance, shape and size of the grinding wheel.
3, check the appearance of the grinding wheel directly. Observe whether the appearance of the grinding wheel with the eye is damaged or there is no crack. The appearance of damage of the grinding wheel can not be used. In addition, there are requirements of the end face of the resin grinding wheel flat, there is no obvious skew.
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