Several common problems and solutions of the grinding wheel

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The selection principle of the gating system of gate location:

1, gate location and product warpage deformation relationship: injection molding macromolecular easily along the flow direction deformation orientation, cooling after easily cause product internal stress and warping. At this time can be changed into multicenter gate gate gate or sewing wheel using safety, reduce the warpage of A.

2, gate location and molecular trends: due to molecular orientation the injection products is vertical to the flow direction and parallel to the flow intensity difference, the tendency of stress cracking vary, generally through the adjustment of process conditions and improve the tool design can reduce the influence of molecular orientation in injection molded parts.

3, injection molding injection phenomenon and the gate location and size relations: gate size if it is too small, melt through the gate easily cause jet phenomenon, parts of internal defects, influence the quality of the workpieces and beautiful. Then increasing the size of the gate section, reduce the material flow velocity, avoid injection; or to change the material flow by impact type gate, reduce the speed.

4, gate location should be conducive to mold filling flow, exhaust and feeding: available mold flow software on the computer simulation mold filling process, optimization of the gate open position, but also by the designer to empirically determine.

5, reducing melting marks, increase welding fastness: through the analysis of product structure and the gate location, or computer mold flow software analysis, roughly determined mark the number and position of welding, avoid cold joint.

6. Gate location should prevent material flow of the core or block a crowded crooked deformation: for a slender core of cylindrical parts should be avoid the partial feed, to prevent type bent core, such as the use of both sides of the feed or top material.

The parting surface selection should pay attention to what?

Answer: the location of the parting surface must be opened in the parts where the largest cross section contour so that the parts can smoothly from the cavity.

Because of the inevitable at its surface will be in plastic parts left spilled material trace, or split inaccurate traces, so divided surface had better not choose bright outer surface of WIP or at the corner of the arc belt.

The 2 part from the launch device set type to facilitate consideration, as much as possible so that the parts on the moving mould

3 the concentricity of the related parts of the ensure that parts of, concentricity requirements of high plastic parts, wheel production process, take surface best to concentric placed in the abrasive parting surface are on the same side of the

4 has a concave side or the side hole of the workpiece, when using automatic side parting and core pulling, in addition to hydraulic core pulling can obtain larger lateral pulling distance, generally divided into type pumping core institutions lateral pulling pulling distance is smaller. To divide the surface should first consider the core pulling or side of type long distance on the fixed mould opening direction, and the short side as the side core pulling.

5 in addition, when parting surface as the main exhaust end surface, the material flow inthe parting surface in order to exhaust.

What are the main structure of molding parts?

Answer: a grinding cavity parts referred for molding parts, which mainly comprises a concave die, punch, core, inlaid block, a variety of molding rod, forming ring. The die molding plastic parts of the outer surface, the concave die is different according to the structure can be divided into integral type, the whole embedded, local mosaic, large area and embedded type combination type and walls of the split type five.

What is the role of guiding system of injection molding tools?

Answer: the main role of guiding mechanism: orientation, and produce three side pressure under the injection location.

1, the guiding role of: dynamic fixed die mold according to the guidance of guiding mechanism, the dynamic model in the correct direction of closure, avoid wheel punch into the wheel die because the position is wrong and grinding machine is damaged or because of inaccurate positioning and bumps with each other.

In 2, after the closure of the grinding cavity to maintain the correct shape and is composed of all the dynamic model of the dimension precision

Injection to bear the side pressure: when plastic parts shape asymmetry or through a side gate injection plastics will produce the unidirectional lateral pressure, the force will make the dynamic model in the parting surface generate the dislocation, when the test pressure is large, also not alone guide pillar to bear, adding cone or an inclined position.

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