Immersion wheel

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With a variety of impregnant with stearic and sulfur based processing grinding wheel, is the most effective way to improve the performance of abrasive grinding. However, these components can not form a homogeneous melt, stearic distribution at the top, and thedistribution of sulfur in the following. For this reason, wheel side is saturated with stearic, and the other side is saturated with sulfur, with the result that the use effect of grinding wheel reduced.

The following methods can achieve strong mixing melt.

The wheel 1 below the disc 3 is equipped with four blades of the impeller 2, blade configurations and radius of disk into a 10 degrees, 20 degrees, and has degrees 30 - 40 DEG torsion angle.

First the II II 24A40CMI - CM2K5B characteristics of the 150 x 13 x 32 wheel heating to 140 - 150 DEG C, and then into the heated to 130, 135 DEG C impregnating melt material, use the speed is from 2.8 (Rev / sec declined to stop pulse rotation 4 minutes.This will ensure that all of the components in the impregnating wheel evenly soaked.

The grinding wheel from the melt or a rotation, rotation of the grinding wheel to throw onthe excess impregnating agent. The wheel in the air to keep the time for 1 to 1.5 hours.Turn left standards listed in the table below.

Not completely discard redundant wheel impregnant, dressing in diamond condensed on tumor wedge. Due to the grinding wheel surface greasy plug, and grinding impregnating agent has also been burned, so the grinding wheel (1 and 2), even than not impregnated wheel worse. On the contrary, if the wheel is away too muchimpregnant, when grinding will cause burns.

Best practices are 3, 4 and 6. Wheel according to the specification discard excess impregnating agent, dressing in a diamond will not form tumors, and in the grinding surface not greasy plug, and the grinding surface does not produce burns.

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