The measurement with the most simple way of grinding wheel

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The grinding process is one of the most accurate. At present, with the increasing demand of the cutting tool, the grinding technology requirements are also grow with each passing day. A new tool or grinding tool becomes more and more complex, subsequently required to continue to reduce the tool tolerances, and time and cost pressure is also growing. In addition, also requires the ability to check the quality or call tool documents required in the whole process. For the above trends, we show you the ZOLLER measurement and detection technology.

ZOLLER can provide a variety of ways for inspection, detection and measurement of grinding tool and grinding wheel. A set equipped with zoller techniques for measuring and detecting system, non-contact, automatic measurement of cutting tool and machine tool numerical control system is very important to all parameters accuracy can reach micron level. ZOLLER "smarTcheck" and "genius 3" is the most ideal grinding wheelinspection and measurement system.

The use of ZOLLER "smarTcheck" automatic measuring tool, without complexprogramming. After the end of the full automatic measurement program, press the key output, will specify the format of the data through the USB disk, serial interface, or the output of the network. For the launch and the incident light of different parameters of axial and radial control, you can choose high resolution light emitted from the camera or center height measurement camera.

The ZOLLER device can also be measured through the measurement of grinding wheelfor grinding wheel according to the macro FEPA predefined. This function is required to set the time, avoid scratching and collision equipment.

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