Abrasives industry breakthrough the bottleneck of the development of industry growth

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Abrasives industry is a basic industry, but the mechanical processing always occupies a very important position. As abrasives, there are three aspects of improvement and breakthrough significance.

First, the abrasive physical structure improvement, such as the unit time role the workpiece grinding grain number increased, so that the average length of growth grinding, the grinding contact surface increases. These changes per unit time grinding except the quantity, effectively enhance the efficiency;

Second, super hard abrasive applications, mainly refers to the metal powder, metal oxide or CBN etc. super hard material as a filler and application of abrasive is made of resin, ceramic or metal bond. At present, brought about by the super hard abrasive tools with high precision, high efficiency grinding effect has been widely recognized.

Third, new abrasives, such as micron polycrystalline composed ceramic abrasive, containing fine diamond abrasive particle of the spherical shell abrasives, ultra precision polishing with polyester film with. These new Abrasives has characteristics, thegrinding advantages show the most incisive.

Throughout the development of the field of grinding, the future grinding will of the abrasives proposed higher requirements, from the current situation to judge, superhard products just to meet these new grinding needs. Such as CBN abrasive has good thermal stability, high hardness, wear resistance and good characteristics, so the grinding processing line high speed, high grinding efficiency, tool life high, and is especially suitable for high speed machining of steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, chilled cast iron ferrous metal materials.

In addition, meet a variety of needs of vitrified bond grinding wheel, pores large high-speed grinding wheel and different surface processing different abrasive grinding wheel, diamond saw blade, will with the advancement of technology and expand application range and become mainstream products for grinding.

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